SEMA 2015: Seibon Carbon X Snail Performance 2015 Subaru STI

When Seibon Carbon and Snail Performance united forces to revamp Snail’s 2015 Subaru STI for SEMA, the goal was simple: to revamp the STI while maintaining its functionality for the track. You see, Snail Performance doesn’t allow any of its builds to be trailer queens!

Prior to Seibon Carbon getting its hands on this build, the STI looked like the image below.

Within a few weeks the STI was transformed to a carbon fiber, lean machine.

Take a look!

Snail Performance Subaru STI

Snail Performance Subaru STI before SEMA transformation. Photo credit: Snail Performance.


Seibon Subaru STI SEMA

Seibon Carbon 2015 Subaru STI at SEMA 2015. Featuring Seibon’s CW-style hood, C-style trunk, MB3-style front lip, MB-style side skirts, MB-style rear lip, and Beat Sonic/Seibon Carbon roof fin spoiler.


In terms of carbon fiber, the STI received the Seibon Carbon treatment: hood, trunk, front lip, side skirts, rear lip, and roof fin spoiler. SEMA 2015 was the first time the public was introduced to our CW-style hood, integrated duckbill C-style trunk, MB3 front lip, MB side skirts, and MB rear lip. Also introduced at the show, the Beat Sonic/Seibon Carbon roof fin spoiler. The fin spoiler was a special collaboration piece with Beat Sonic and is only available through them.

Full story and vehicle specs here.


A special thank you to Snail Performance, Yokohama, Beat Sonic, Razo, Snap-On, and Mothers Cleaning Supplies.

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