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Fitment and Form in Harmony…

When I mentioned the phrase “hard parker,” Travis Sewell became audibly upset. He cut me off and said, “No, this thing still performs, I’m not a hard parker.”

Travis admits that winter doesn’t hit Virginia Beach too hard, but that didn’t stop him from capping the car with a Seibon carbon-fiber hardtop and matching Downforce side diffusers. To kill any unsightly wheel gap on his new ride, Travis opted for a set of Buddy Club N+ coilovers. With less than a season of wheel time, Travis grew bored of the bottled note that the ultra-efficient four-cylinder produced, so he ordered and installed a J’s Racing exhaust manifold and Invidia test pipe that exit through a T1R 70r Sparrow exhaust.

S2000 hardtop carbon fiber

Travis’ S2000 features a Seibon Carbon hardtop. Photo credit:

With the free-flowing exhaust, the S2000 could be heard well before it was seen, but Travis wanted to build something worth looking at, and the stock rollers weren’t going to cut it. A set of CCW classics in an 18×9/10 staggered setup dwarf the car’s original rollers. Getting the aggressive-offset 18-inch wheels to fit took a bit of coercing on the front fenders, and a bunch of pulling on the rear.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

When the power itch starts to flare up, it’s hard to scratch. Luckily for Travis, his best friend and roommate happened to run a local tuning house by the name of Ramey Built. When his shiny new Science of Speed Novi 1200 supercharger system arrived, his roommate had a bay and lift waiting for him. The new SOS system was installed, and Travis went a bit further, upgrading the pulley to a 3.4-inch option to push the system to 16 pounds of boost.

Photo credit:

Travis’ S2000 features a Seibon Carbon hardtop. Photo credit:

With some time on the rollers and his own tuning, Travis pulled over 440 hp at the wheels out of the stock block F22. While there was more power to be made, Travis purposely scaled things back a bit to maintain that Honda reliability. Travis doesn’t have a garage and tries his hardest to keep the car looking as clean as it appears in these photos. If this is what the guy can do with his S2000 as a daily driver, we can’t wait to see it when it becomes a “project!”

s2000 seibon hardtop

Photo credit:

S2000 Specs

Bolts & Washers



J’s Racing header

T1R 70r-em Sparrow exhaust

Invidia 70mm test pipe

TiAL Q blow-off valve

Custom intercooler with heat exchanger

Science of Speed supercharger kit

Novi 1200 with 3.4-inch pulley

Full-Blown fuel pump

Full-Blown radiator with 13-inch SPAL fans x2

Injector Dynamics 1,000cc fuel injectors

ACT Stage 3 clutch

ACT 9-lb flywheel

Optima yellow top battery


Buddy Club N+ coilovers

Wheels & Tires

Front: CCW Classic 18×9 +34; 215/45-18 Hankook

Rear: CCW Classic 18×10.5 +47; 245/35-18 Hankook


Custom rolled and flared front fenders

Custom rolled fenders and relocated rear bumper tabs

Custom vented OEM hood

OEM Honda AP2 front lip

JDP rear diffuser

Seibon carbon-fiber hardtop

Downforce carbon fiber side diffusers

Veil side spoiler

APR carbon-fiber mirrors

OEM JDM red badges


Owner Specs

Daily grind: UPS

Favorite Site:

Screen name: wait4vtec

Building Hondas: 7 years

Dream car: Nissan GT-R

Inspiration for this build: S2KI

Future build: LS1 S2000


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