5 Things You Didn’t Know About Matte Finish Carbon Fiber Parts

It’s not easy being a matte finish hood; you don’t look like the standard carbon fiber hood and you’re not as lightweight as a dry carbon hood. Not so fast though! Matte products are in a league of their own.

1) Look and Texture

Matte Finish parts have a smooth, “flat” look. This effect is created by omitting the clear coat from the production process. No need to worry, matte parts follow the same production as other Seibon Carbon products.













It’s worth mentioning that matte parts have the look and texture of dry carbon parts without the premium price tag of dry carbon.


2) Maintenance

soap and water








It doesn’t get any easier than soap and water!


3) Production Process

All Matte Finish carbon fiber parts are made with Seibon Carbon’s production process that allows exceptional carbon to resin ratio, creating high product stiffness and strength.

Sure Matte products look and feel slightly different, but they are still strong and durable!


4) Lightweight

Matte Finish parts may look and feel like dry carbon parts, but they do not offer the significant weight savings as dry carbon products.

Good news is that matte parts are lightweight. In some cases, a tiny bit lighter than standard carbon fiber parts since they have no clear coat.













5) Endless Options

The biggest misconception is that matte parts can only be painted or left as is. On the contrary, matte parts can also be clear coated—producing the shiny look that standard carbon parts offer!

Photo: Google

Photo: Google












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