Fensport GT86R Wins RRG Toyota Sprint Series Championship

Fensport GT86R takes the win at the final round of the RRG Toyota Sprint Series, wins the Championship, and driver Adrian Smith is crowned Toyota Sprint Champion 2014!

The Seibon Carbon team was ecstatic with the results and couldn’t have wished for a better year. Adrian reports:

 “The lead up to the final round was somewhat nerve-racking, although we had 4 wins under our belt, we had to finish higher than 7th to win the championship, and yes this should be possible but I know cars and was worried something would go wrong!”

FRS carbon fiber hood

Fensport GT86R runs Seibon Carbon TS-style hood and OEM trunk. Photo credit: Fensport.

The GT86R was checked and double checked! Upgrades included TRD engine and gearbox mounts along with an extra silencer in the exhaust system, just to make sure noise test was passed! The clutch was renewed, maps were checked, 4 wheel alignment done, basically everything that could be done was done.

About Toyota Sprint Series, Round 6, Rockingham

Rockingham is a challenging track, with quite a few high speed turns, and off camber sections, oh and the walls! The morning started wet but with bright weather coming and drying track conditions, it was best to take it easy on the first few runs, turning the boost down on the engine and be patient for the dryer track conditions that were sure to come.

Run 1: A 1.28s run was on the pace of the 4wd cars but still the track was 70% wet.

Run 2:1.22s run, now this was better but the track was still slippery on the top section and we decided to turn the boost back up for run 3.

frs carbon fiber trunk

Fensport GT86R runs Seibon Carbon TS-style hood and OEM trunk.

Run 3: The track is dry and Adrian went for it, a 1:18.99, now that was more like it and after a check with the timekeepers to see where everyone else was, we believed the time would be good enough for that 7th place we needed, so could no relax a bit more.

Runs 4 & 5: Pushed harder on each run. The best time of the day came on run 5 a 1:17.61, which was good enough for the win.

Run 6: A far too relaxed driver, Adrian left the traction control on and had to almost coast to the first hairpin– still a great time of 1:17.72. Adrian reported:

“We have done it! I am so happy and so proud of what we have achieved this year, the car has just been awesome to drive, the new modifications, the wide track, the power from the Avo turbo, the handling, it’s just a dream car to drive! Thank you to everyone who has supported us all year.”

Team Fensport wins RRG Toyota Sprint Series Championship . Photo credit: Fensport.

Team Fensport wins RRG Toyota Sprint Series Championship . Photo credit: Fensport.

RRG Toyota Sprint Series Championship Results

Fensport GT86R TSS Champions 2014 2

More info on the series can be found at Toyota Sprint’s website.

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Fensport’s Scion FRS runs a Seibon Carbon TS-style hood and OEM-style trunk.

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