Behold, The Release of Nissan GTR Carbon Fiber Interior Pieces

Seibon Carbon is beyond thrilled to announce the release of not one or two Nissan GTR products, but seven!

Let’s get to it!


First up is our carbon fiber Center Control Trim Set. This set is composed of four pieces: radio/ac control console, R-mode switches cover, and center control side panels (left and right).

GTR carbon fiber interior set

carbon fiber gtr interior

Part number for this set CFI0910NSGTR-A.


Every piece is made using deluxe carbon fiber material—it wouldn’t be a Seibon Carbon piece if this weren’t true.


Our six piece Interior Trim Set pays attention to the smallest detail. This set includes four air vent covers, a navigator cover, and a mirror control panel cover.

gtr carbon fiber interior 2


Part number for this set CFI0910NSGTR-D.


The GTR’s roof is no exception for improvement. Hence the Map Light Surround Trim Set.


Map Surround

Part number for this set: CFI0910NSGTR-E.



Who is the largest of them all? Our carbon fiber Interior Door Trim Set! This set includes twelve pieces: door handle cover (2), window switch panel cover (6), and door lever surround (4).

GTR door parts


Part number for this set: CFI0910NSGTR-C.


Perhaps one of the most noticeable sets is our Center Shifter Bezel. Check out the one piece beauty.

carbon fiber gtr bezel


Part number for this set: CFI0910NSGTR-F.


Neglect is a terrible thing. Fortunately, the Steering Column Surround Trim Set doesn’t neglect the steering wheel area. This four piece set covers the steering wheel column, literally.

gtr steering wheel column


Part number for this set: CFI0910NSGTR-G.


Did we mention every piece is coated with a glossy clear coat?

Last but not least…


The Center Gauge Bezel four piece set. All of a sudden carbon fiber is the only thing that makes sense.

carbon fiber gtr gauge bezel


Part number for this set: CFI0910NSGTR-B.



More images of each set available here. So…What do you think?

Complete GTR catalog here.


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