Featured Product: Carbon Fiber Display Stand By Seibon Carbon


carbon fiber display stand

Seibon Carbon manufactures carbon fiber parts for just about every make and model. It should come as no surprise that Seibon Carbon also offers a carbon fiber display stand!

Our display stand is made from deluxe carbon fiber material with the same high standard Seibon Carbon makes all of its products. Contrary to most stands, our display stand is lightweight and features a design that is both modern and tasteful.

Its display panel measures 11.8” x 16.5” to provide enough space for most, if not all, spec sheets. To help protect the display panel, the stand includes an acrylic sheet that is held in place by four aluminum fasteners.

When it comes to presentation, Seibon Carbon has enthusiasts covered; from hoods, trunks, lip kits, to display stands and tables.

For more information, contact your Seibon Carbon dealer or visit www.seiboncarbon.com.

Part number: CFS-A     MSRP: $580.00


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