Super Street Feature:1991 Nissan 240SX – Dad Builds Show-Stopping S13 for Son

Imagine on your 16th birthday, your dad hands you the keys to your dream car. Chris Weber is doing exactly that for his seven-year-old son with this super-clean Nissan 240SX. He’s finishing it strictly with the intention of handing it down to his son who won’t even be able to drive it for another nine years. Cool dad award? We think so!

Perhaps the biggest challenge for a project car that will remain in storage for almost a decade is making it as timeless as possible. This meant no short-lived trends or gimmicks. Chris wasn’t the most versed enthusiast in S-chassis cars having built front-wheel drive Hondas and VWs most of his life. So he enlisted the help of SR Auto Group in Vancouver, BC to create the best show ‘n drift car possible.

(Seibon Carbon doors. Photo credit: Super Street)

(Seibon Carbon doors. Photo credit: Super Street)

This ’91 240SX started life as a beaten and bruised child having barely survived a rear-end accident. The first order of duty for SR was to repair the damaged body to show quality form, followed by the addition of a complete Origin body kit which included wider front and rear fenders. To give the coupe an added edge, Chris sourced carbon-fiber parts for the hood, trunk and Seibon doors. Kouki taillights were a nice touch to the lighting department as well as the headlamps—hard to notice right away but they’re actually NSX lights retrofitted to fit and still flip up and down like factory. The last thing on the exterior hit list was paint and SR applied its own custom tri-coat color—looks black at night but in the daylight, the purple pearl and flakes come to light. Absolutely stunning having seen this car in person ourselves!

(Photo credit: Super Street)

(Photo credit: Super Street)

SR continued their touch on the chassis. The front brakes were upgraded to beefier StopTech parts. For suspension, the S13 was lowered via BC Racing coilovers. As for rollers, Chris picked out SSR SP1s that would fill the fenders but also stay classic enough so his son won’t hate them.

Next on the project was interior and just take a look… It’s butter! SR reupholstered virtually the entire cockpit in fine suede with red stitching. There are also accents of carbon here and there, plus a six-point rollcage that’s painted red to stand out. You can even notice some extra touches on the cage such as the 7″ monitor embedded to the passenger-side of the cage, while the driver-side holds three gauges.

(Photo credit: Super Street)

(Photo credit: Super Street)

Last but not least, a Nissan would be nothing without the proper engine to back up its looks. Going down the path that’s been proven time and time again, Chris sourced an SR20 and had Auto Dream in Calgary fortify the motor using all forged internals. From there, the head was given more aggressive A’PEXi cams while fueling components were upgraded to handle a Garrett GT2871R turbo. This old car should be pushing the limits of 400hp when all is said and done—more than enough trouble for a 16-year-old boy to get in.

(Photo credit: Super Street)

(Photo credit: Super Street)

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1991 Nissan 240SX

Owner Chris Weber

Hometown Medicine Hat, Alberta

Engine SR20DET with A’PEXi 264° cams, intake and 740cc injectors; GReddy intake manifold, intercooler and oil relocation kit; Walbro fuel pump; Circuit Sport fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail; Garrett GT2871R turbo; HKS blow-off valve; RDI exhaust, downpipe and test pipe; Mishimoto radiator; Samco hoses; Optima Yellow Top battery

Engine Management A’PEXi Power FC ECU; STRI Motorsport gauges

Footwork & Chassis BC Racing coilovers and camber plates; GTSPEC front and strut bars; Megan Racing control arms; Cusco rollcage

Brakes StopTech front big brake kit; Goodridge stainless lines

Wheels & Tires 18×9.5″ +5 front, 18×12″ -1 rear SSR SP1 wheels; 235/40R18 front, 275/35R18 rear Falken FK452 tires; Project Kics lug nuts

Exterior Origin Labs body kit; B Magic carbon-fiber hood and trunk; Seibon carbon-fiber doors; Honda NSX headlights; JDM Kouki taillights; custom paint by SR Auto Group

Interior Sparco R505 seats; Nardi steering wheel; NRG hub and quick-release; Carbing shift knob; custom upholstery by SR Auto Group; Alpine W910 head unit; Crescendo Opus 3 front and rear speakers, Etude 1.10 subwoofer; Xtant amps

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