MVP Motorsports: House of Performance

Have you ever seen or heard of a build with so much horsepower and thought “how is that even possible?” Chances are that build was “conceived” at the house of performance: MVP Motorsports.

Seibon Carbon caught up with MVP Motorsports and here’s what they had to say on how they earned their title:

1. If you could describe MVP as a food, what would it be and why?

A 48 oz. bone-in Ribeye steak because there’s nothing more Texan and manly.


2. How did MVP come about? Why did you decide to open up a shop?

MVP first came about in 1999 when Dusty Womack, the current president and owner, was building his own personal Supra and operating his computer parts business. He began selling Supra parts to help fund his addiction for going faster than everyone else and within 2 years MVP was one of the biggest players in the game. We started off as car guys and our hobby turned into a dream business.

Photo credit: MVP

Photo credit: MVP

3. Who is MVP? Tell us about your company and what type of model(s) you specialize in.

MVP Motorsports is a warehouse distributor, retailer, tuner, and installer based outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. We started off specializing in sport compact cars but these days we are extremely diversified—we’ve sold a built transmission to a GT-R customer, a SEIBON hood to a Lamborghini Gallardo customer, and a methanol injection kit to a Ford F350 Diesel customer. In a nutshell, we’re very diversified and have a staff with 85 years of combined experience to backup what we sell.

Photo credit: MVP

Photo credit: MVP

4. What brands/products does MVP carry?

MVP Motorsports carries and distributes over 300 brands, most of which we are direct with. We focus on selling quality brands at the right prices with the best service. We are really proud of the brands we carry. It has taken us 15 years of trial and error to reach a stage of being able to recommend parts that we have on our own cars, sold, and installed hundreds of times to gain our customer’s trust. MVP’s vast first-hand knowledge of the aftermarket is unmatched by most of our competitors.


5. In your opinion, what is the best car movie of all time and why?

I hate to sound cliché, I really want to bring up some unique movies that people tend to forget about but I’m going to go with the obvious choice here: the original Fast and Furious. That movie completely changed our industry and put the aftermarket scene into the mainstream. Without that movie the aftermarket scene would not even be close to what it is today.

The Fast and The Furious Toyota Supra  VS 1970 Dodge Charger Jump-1

Scene off The Fast and the Furious movie.

6. AR15 or AK47?

MVP is an AK hands down– simple, reliable, and effective.

7. What is your idea of great customer service?

When a customer truly trusts you and considers you a friend. We’ve had customers fly out from other countries and stay with us, we’ve been to customer’s weddings, and we’ve even grabbed beers with them at the bar. We don’t develop that type relationship with every customer but we do our best to make people feel comfortable. We are professionals that avoid sales tactics and pressure because at the end of the day we are car guys talking to another car guy. We aren’t in a rush to make a sale, instead we focus on developing a relationship. As a result, MVP has customers who have been purchasing parts from us for over 15 years.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

8. If you could make one thing out of carbon fiber, what would it be?

Contemporary carbon fiber furniture. We are tired of getting lost at IKEA. 😦


9. Some may not be aware that MVP hosts one of the largest track events in Texas, TX2K, tell us more about it?

TX2K is a 5 day event where the most powerful and fastest cars from all around the country including Supras, GTRs, Lamborghinis, Vipers, Corvettes, and more come out to compete in 60-130, road racing, drag-racing, street racing, and dyno. TX2K is also a show car event where people can just hang out.

The event started in 1999 with 36 people and has now grown to an event of over 6,000 people and more cars than you can count, each making over 1000hp. People fly in from all over the world to witness this event firsthand. You can watch parts of the event on YouTube, some of these videos have millions of views, or on the DVD that is released every year. One thing is for sure though, there is nothing like witnessing TX2K firsthand- it’s the superbowl of street racing.

Photo credit: MVP

Photo credit: MVP

10. “MVP Motorsports”, means Most Valuable Player?  Where did the name come from?  Who is it?

We never share the origin of it. We just let people guess because the real origin isn’t as exciting as some of the theories people come up with.

11. Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson?

Both, at the same time, if you’re going to dream might as well dream big.

Salma Hayek (left) and Scarlett Johansson (right).

Salma Hayek (left) and Scarlett Johansson (right).

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