A Look at Seibon Carbon’s SEMA BRZ

With so many FR-S/BRZ out there it may be difficult to become impressed. However, Seibon Carbon is confident that their SEMA Subaru BRZ will change your mind.

For SEMA 2013 Seibon Carbon decided to bring last year’s BRZ back with a whole new game plan (click here to see last year’s BRZ). The plan was to transform the BRZ from the inside out into an aggressive, lean machine that would impress the harshest critics.

The result after months of planning and building is what you see here:

Seibon Carbon's BRZ at SEMA 2013.

Seibon Carbon’s BRZ at SEMA 2013.

From day 1 of the transformation it was determined that the BRZ needed to lose even more weight. To help shed some serious weight, the BRZ went on the Seibon Carbon diet and lost weight by running carbon fiber doors, FA-style hood, CSL-style trunk, dry carbon roof replacement, roof spoiler and rear seat delete. A Bride Stradia II Reims Race seat and seat racket were also a must to go along with the BRZ’s race theme.




Seibon Carbon interior pieces don’t stop there though. For 2013 Seibon Carbon introduced its Interior Dash Kit for the FRS/BRZ. The kit is composed of a carbon fiber steering wheel trim, glove compartment cover, stereo cover, climate control cover, shifter trim, center and side air vent cover. We are pleased to inform that these are in production!


dash kit

Moving onto the exterior lets address the obvious: the body kit. The kit is none other than a Varis’ wide body kit. The kit’s aggressive lines and features were exactly what we needed for this build.


When it came to wheels, the choice was an easy one. Volks Racing 57XTREME Wheels by Rays Wheels were just what we needed to complete the BRZ’s exterior.


Hold on tight because there is more to this transformation.

In the build’s early stages it was determined that BRZ would be supercharged by our friends over at Kraftwerks.  Their supercharger system includes a Rotrex C30-94 supercharger unit, self-contained lubrication and cooling system, independent drive system, toothed belt system, cold air intake, optimized tubing and intercooler layout, 2.5” mandrel bent aluminum hot side tubing, 3.0” mandrel bent aluminum cold side tubing, 11-row high efficiency intercooler, and high quality MAP sensor to ensure performance.


To help complete the performance factor, Whiteline and A’pexi are a must for every build. The BRZ features Whiteline front and rear sway bars, positive traction kit, positive shift kit, and strut bars. A’PEXi’s N1 EXV Damper and RS-X Muffler Exhaust were also featured in this build.


Seibon Carbon could not be any happier with the outcome of this build. In fact, our BRZ was named “Top 7 FR-S, BRZ Coupes of 2013 SEMA Show” by Motor Trend. Check out the article here.

We would like to thank all of our partners for their participation and support on this build. A special thank you to: Kraftwerks, Rays Wheels, Yokohama, A’PEXi, Whiteline, StopTech, Razo, Carmate, Bride, Pioneer, Diamond Lighting, Tom’s, and AeroWerkz.

Seibon Carbon BRZ Specs

Seibon Carbon FA-Style Hood

Seibon Carbon CSL-Style Trunk

Seibon Carbon Dry Carbon Roof Replacement

Seibon Carbon Doors

Seibon Carbon Back Seat Panels

Seibon Carbon Roof Fin Spoiler

Seibon Carbon Interior Dash Kit Pieces

Varis Wide Body Kit

Kraftwerks BRZ Supercharger System

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger Unit

Self-contained Lubrication and Cooling System

Independent Drive System

Toothed Belt System

Cold Air Intake

Optimized Tubing and Intercooler Layout

2.5” Mandrel Bent Aluminum Hot Side Tubing

3.0” Mandrel Bent Aluminum Cold Side Tubing

11-Row High Efficiency Intercooler

High Quality MAP Sensor

Volks Racing 57XTREME Wheels

19 X 9.5 5-114.3 , 19 X10.5 5-114.3

Yokohama Neova Tires

235/35/19 Front 265/35/19 Rear

A’PEXi N1 EXV Damper

A’PEXi RS-X Muffler Exhaust

Whiteline Front Sway bar 20mm

Whiteline Rear Sway bar 16mm Adjustable

Whiteline Positive Shift Kit

Whiteline Positive Traction Kit

Whiteline Strut Bars

StopTech Performance Brake Kit

Front- StopTech AeroRotors 355 X 32 mm,

billet aluminum mounting brackets, Street

Performance brake pads, and forged

four-piston StopTech ST-40 calipers.

Rear- StopTech AeroRotors 345 X 28 mm,

billet aluminum mounting brackets, Street

Performance brake pads, and forged

two-piston StopTech ST-22 calipers.

Bride Stradia II Reims Race Seat

Bride Seat Racket

Pioneer App Radio SPH-DA100

Razo Competition Sport Pedals

Razo Aluminum Formula Shift Knob

Carmate Wide Angle Mirror

Personal Neo Grinta 350mm Steering Wheel

Diamond Lighting System

Tom’s LED Tail Light Set

Beat Sonic Shark Fin Antenna

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