Seibon Carbon 2013 Formula Drift Drivers

Seibon Carbon is proud to announce its 2013 Formula Drift Drivers. Woohoo!

This will be the beginning of an exciting new season where Seibon Carbon driver and 2012 Formula Drift Champion Daigo Saito comes back to defend his title. Will Daigo Saito take the championship once again or will it be another Seibon driver? The answer is uncertain as this year Seibon has partnered up with many talented drivers.

Here is the lineup for 2013 Seibon Carbon Formula Drift drivers (in no particular order) :

Daigo-SaitoDaigo Saito– Took the 2012 Formula Drift Championship in his “rookie” year. He is a Japanese professional drift driver, currently competing in the D1 Grand Prix series and holds the distinction of being the first driver to win the two drifting majors, D1GP in 2008 and Formula D in 2012. Seibon Carbon sponsors his Lexus SC430 with a hood, trunk, and set of doors.

Chris-ForsbergChris Forsberg– Earned the title of 2009 Formula Drift Champion as well as Triple Crown Champion. Forsberg was not only the first driver to win both titles in the same year but is the first driver to win a Championship whose career originated in grassroots drifting. Chris
has been on Seibon Carbon’s team since he started racing in Formula D (10 years)! His Nissan 370z is sponsored with Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, fenders, doors, and rear spoiler.

Conrad-GrunewaldConrad Grunewald– Conrad drives a 2010 Camaro SS equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, set of fenders, and side skirts. Conrad’s first year of drifting was in the D1 series in 2004, where he was one of 12 drivers representing the USA in the USA vs. Japan shootout.

Patrick Mordaunt– “Pat” races in Formula Drift in the A’PEXi/PM Racing Lexus SC430. Patrick-MordauntHe started his drifting career at the age 14. The SC430 is running a Seibon Carbon dry carbon hood, trunk, and set of doors.



Walker-WilkersonWalker Wilkerson– Has taken the Formula Drift world by storm in 2011. Between insane entry speeds, backwards initiations and a style rivaling the best in the world, Walker is a force to be reckoned with. His Nissan S14 is equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, and set of doors.


Joon-MaengJoon Maeng– With an unquestionable dedication to the sport of drifting, Joon has proven himself a worthy competitor. His attitude and exemplary work ethic have won over the hearts of both fans and fellow competitors. Joon Maeng drives the Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Nexen Tire Nissan 240sx equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood and trunk.

Robbie-NishidaRobbie Nishida –Robbie competes in several different professional series’ around the world, including Formula D USA series and Formula D Asia series. His competition car in the US is a Lexus SC300 that is running a Seibon Carbon hood and trunk.


Fredric-AasboFredric Aasbo– Sent shockwaves throughout the Formula Drift scene in his 2010 rookie season as he started taking out Formula Drift champions from the get-go. He became the Formula Drift Rookie of the Year and earned the Hardest Charging Driver of the Year award as well as the Insane Entry Award at the Irwindale finals. Fredric competes in a Hankook/Papadakis Racing Scion tC equipped with a Seibon hood, hatch, and set of doors.

Matt-PowersMatt Powers– Since 2010, Powers has been the youngest driver to finish in the top 16 every year (6th in 2011 and 10th in 2012), with multiple podiums and a first place qualication. He has also won awards in FD for hardest charging driver, most improved, and best style. His Nissan S14 is running a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, and set of doors.

Taka-AonoTaka Aono– is a Japanese drift driver who drives a Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno. Taka is also known to have given up a career as a chiropractor to become a drift driver. The AE86 is sponsored with a
Seibon Carbon hood and trunk.


Corey-HosfordCorey Hosford– Corey drives the Ksport Usa Nissan 350z equipped with Seibon Carbon fenders. He’s a new driver with over 9 years of experience in performance driving.



Tony-AngeloTony Angelo– Tony is a pioneer of the sport of drifting in the United States and is widely considered a legend within the industry. With top finishes and impressive results, Angelo displayed his talent
as a top-level drifter for five consecutive years competing in Formula D. He drives the new Scion FRS equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, and roof wing.


Dave Briggs– Dave has stood on top of the podium in many drifting series such as DMCC, XDC, and Top Drift. Now competing in Formula D, he will challenge the top drifters in the world! He is running a Nissan 240sx equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood and trunk.


Ryan-TuerckRyan Tuerck– Has been touted as the best up-and-coming young drifter in the sport. He drives a Scion FRS that is sponsored with a Seibon Carbon hood and trunk.



Darren-McNamaraDarren McNamara– The Irish native has been competing for ten years, building his reputation in his homeland first, then conquering the continent. ProDrift Europe and D1GP have rated Darren the number one drifting driver in Europe. Darren competes in a Nissan 240sx equipped with a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, and set of doors.



Good luck to all of our 2013 Formulda Drift drivers! As always, stay tuned for more updates.