Seibon Podiums at Round 3 of Formula Drift

Palm Beach International Raceway was witness to another victorious finish for Seibon Carbon and its sponsored drivers Daigo Saito and Chris Forsberg at Round 3 of Formula Drift.

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Daigo Saito drove the Achilles Tire/Bridges Racing Lexus SC430 to a first place finish at the podium, putting an end to Justin Pawlak’s winning streak. On his journey to the podium Daigo battled Conrad Grunewald in Top 32, Darren McNamara in Top 16, Chelsea Denofa in the Great 8, Justin Pawlak in Top 4, and Chris Forsberg at the final round.

After this round Daigo Saito has earned his third podium finish out of three Formula Drift events!

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Chris Forsberg finished in second place after being defeated by Daigo Saito, but nevertheless put some major work on the track. Chris faced Corey Hosford in Top 32, D1 veteran Toshiki Yoshioka in Top 16, and Norwegian Champion Kenny Moen in the Great 8. His spot at the podium was secured after defeating 2011 Formula Drift Champion Daijiro Yoshihara in Top 4; putting Daijiro in third place.

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Congratulations to Daigo Saito and Chris Forsberg on their podium finishes. Up next is Round 4- The Gauntlet in New Jersey on June 22-23.

We wish the best of luck to all of sponsored drivers next round.