Seibon Carbon Formula Drift Drivers Keep Winning

The winning streak for Seibon Carbon drivers continues! As some may recall, Round 1 was a success after Daigo Saito finished in 3rd place at his first Formula Drift USA event. Round 2 in Atlanta was no exception-Seibon Carbon drivers kept winning.

Photo credit: Formula Drift

Triumph started with 4th place. Walker Wilkerson and his S13 running a Seibon Carbon hood, trunk, and set of doors, finished in 4th place after being defeated by also Seibon sponsored Daigo Saito.

After the intense battle with Walker Wilkerson, Daigo and his Lexus SC430 took the podium at third place. This makes Daigo’s second consecutive 3rd place podium finish following Round 1 in Long Beach.

Photo credit: Speedhunters

With second place up for grabs, it was time for Daigo Saito and Fredric Aasbo to battle it out for the second spot at the podium. Let’s just say this was an intense battle since both Fredric and Aasbo run Seibon Carbon. When it was all said and done, Fredric Aasbo and the Need for Speed Scion TC would take second place.

The final battle between Fredric Aasbo and Justin Pawlak in the Falken Tire Mustang resulted in Justin taking the podium at 1st place; giving him a second consecutive 1st place finish at the podium.

Photo credit: Formula Drift

Seibon Carbon would like to congratulate all of its sponsored drivers for a victorious Round 2. Up next is Round 3 at Palm Beach International Raceway on June 1 – 2 where our drivers will give it their all in hopes of capturing the podium.

Best of luck to all of our drivers at Round 3!

2012 Standings after Round 2 (Seibon Carbon drivers in bold):

1. Justin Pawlak – 209 points
2. Daigo Saito – 157.50 points
3. Fredric Aasbo – 152 points
4. Rhys Millen – 127 points
5. Matt Powers – 126.50 points
6. Ryan Tuerck – 120.50 points
7. Dai Yoshihara – 118 points
8. Odi Bakchis – 117.25 points
9. Ryan Kado – 114 points
10. Kyle Mohan – 109.50 points
11. Toshiki Yoshioka – 108.50 points
12. Michael Essa – 97.50 points
13. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 96 points
14. Chris Forsberg – 93 points
15. Tyler McQuarrie – 88.50 points
16. Kennet Moen – 87.50 points
17. Ken Gushi – 86.25 points
17. Joon Maeng – 86.25 points
19. Conrad Grunewald – 85 points
20. Matt Field – 79.25 points
21. Tony Angelo – 78.75 points
22. Walker Wilkerson – 69.50 points
23. Darren McNamara – 50.25 points
24. George Marstanovic – 49.25 points
24. Dennis Mertzanis – 49.25 points

Stay put for more updates on Round 2.