Time Attack Records Broken with SEIBON Motorsport Partner Berk Technology

Longtime SIEBON Carbon motorsport partner, Berk Technology, headed out to Buttonwillow for the Global Time Attack event with its BMW 135i full of functional and lightweight carbon fiber goods from SEIBON Carbon.

Armed with Carl Rydquist behind the wheel, the 135i pulled double duty competing in the Limited RWD and Street RWD classes. The team was more than pleased with the results, as they not only took first place trophies home in both classes, but set two new records in the process. For the first time in the history of time attack the same car and driver has taken home two records in two separate classes, on the same race weekend.  

Photo credit: Berk Technology

In the Street RWD class, Rydquist was able to pilot the BMW 135i to a record breaking 1:56.591 lap time on Hankook’s RS3 street tire.  The Berk Technology 135i also had a formidable opponent in the Street RWD class, with Grand Am driving ace VJ Mirzayan finishing with a 1:57.438 in a competing BMW 135i.

Photo credit: Steven Tran

Once Hankook’s all-new Ventus TD tire made their way onto the BMW in the Limited RWD class the team laid down a blistering and yet again record breaking 1:52.487 lap time. Second place in the Limited RWD class came from Japanese superstar Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, piloting a supercharged BMW M3 with a time of 1:54.737.  

“We are very fortunate to have a SEIBON in our corner as a motorsports partner that still cares deeply about proving their products in racing applications. The carbon fiber trunk and hood stand up to the heavy aerodynamic stresses on the fastest time attack cars in the US.” – Bryan M. – Team Principle, Berk Technology

Photo credit: Steven Tran

The Berk Technology BMW 135i E82 is outfitted with the SEIBON GTR carbon fiber hood and SEIBON carbon fiber trunk.  

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