Canada and International Seibon Carbon Drivers/Teams Announced

Perhaps the best time of the year is the beginning of race season, whether it is in the United States or outside of the country. It is a time where Seibon Carbon recognizes and is proud to sponsor of a variety of race drivers/teams.

As true automotive enthusiasts we are pleased to offer high-quality, light-weight products that can be appreciated by drivers world-wide. This year Seibon Carbon partnered up with race drivers/teams from Canada to the UK; some of who you may be familiar with.


Mad Mike’s Mazda RX7 (D1NZ in New Zealand) 

Team AMR/Yokohama Canada’s Mazda RX7 (Competing in the Drift Mania Canadian Championship [DMCC])

Photo source: Team AMR/Yokohama Canada

The SATS Motorsport Drift Team’s Toyota Supra (Competing in the British Drift Championship and other events in Europe)

Fredric Aasbo’s Toyota Supra (Competing in the British Drift Championship and Prodrift)

Good luck to all of our sponsored drivers. We look forward to a successful race season both in the States and outside of the country.

Be on the lookout for more updates on our sponsored drivers.