Walker Wilkerson Revamps the S13 for the 2012 Formula Drift Season

The Formula Drift 2012 race season is rapidly approaching. And while many drivers have not revealed changes to their build for the 2012, Seibon Carbon driver Walker Wilkerson talks to Motormavens about how he revamped his S13 for the new race season.

The first change Walker did was ditch the SR20DET and go V8 to be even more competitive. He then installed a bigger cam along with a FAST intake manifold and throttle body. It was converted to wet sump and had an Accusump system added to make sure the engine doesn’t starve for oil. The LS7 also has a G-Force GSR 4-speed transmission and Exedy clutch bolted onto it.

In a recent dyno test, the LS7 made 500 WHP and 500 FT/LBS of Torque! Check out the dyno video here: http://vimeo.com/39112264

For the exterior, Walker decided to keep the purple but added a lot of gold pearl and rainbow flake into the paint. Perhaps the biggest change you will see is the S14 Kouki front end. He wanted to have a new look but without too much change and, since he’s using the same chassis from last year, he had to fix all his “battle scars” – which led him to tube the front and rear of his car and add an S14 kouki front end.

To complement the new front end, Walker chose Seibon Carbon’s TR-Style S14 kouki carbon fiber hood. For additional performance and weights savings, the S13 will also be running a Seibon Carbon trunk lid and a set of carbon doors .

Other changes to the S13’s exterior include the addition of a “Safari” print at the rear end of the car and the removal of the rear spoiler.

There’s no doubt that these are all every exciting changes to the S13. We wish Walker the best of luck in the new Formula Drift season!

Round one will take place at the infamous Long Beach Street Course on April 6- 7 in Long Beach, Ca.-definitely a must watch as Walker and many others will battle it out for the top qualifying spot.

Check out Motormavens’ full article here: http://www.motormavens.com/2012/03/carspotting-walker-wilkerson-goes-v8-in-formula-d-s13/