SEIBON Carbon Participates in BMW 1M Automotive Work of Art

What happens when you mix SEIBON Carbon, a BMW 1M, and IND into one build? You get the most mind-blowing BMW 1M completed in just 48 hours!

It all started as what seemed like an impossible build. After all, it’s not easy to get a 1M delivered to your favorite dealership by BMW’s North American office. Unless of course you’re the proud owner of every single M car ever made! Once delivered, IND was on the clock to build the best performing, most eye-catching 1M possible- all in 48 hours. To ensure the build was successful, only the best of the best was used.

IND customer, and owner of this Valencia Orange BMW 1M, only envisioned SEIBON Carbon’s BM-style power dome carbon fiber hood on his build. The hood’s ability to combine both elegance and performance made it a must-have for this unique build.

The end result was more than what words could describe. The BM hood not only complemented the new gloss black front and side grilles, but it also made the build everything he wanted and more.

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