In Walker Wilkerson’s Words: How He Was Able to Keep Up with Some of the Formula D Pros!

For any up and coming drivers out there I’d like to mention and talk about how significant weight reduction really is. So at the at first FD round this year at the Street of Long Beach track, I really had no weight reduction done to my car other then the interior was gutted.

We were running my 255/40/18 Falken RT615K tires at about 63PSI which is really high for the size of the tire with consideration for how much power my engine is making. I couldn’t run the tire pressure lower because if I did I would have issues breaking 4th gear loose easily. And since we couldn’t run the pressure lower, my car wasn’t able to get the grip it needed and was really slow compared to a lot of other drivers.

After we installed the new Seibon carbon hood and trunk lid, as well as doing a few little things here and there to shave any extra weight we could, we were able to get my cars weight down about 160lbs before Rd. 2 at Road Atlanta!

It was honestly pretty amazing to feel the difference in the way the car handled now. My car was able to grip up so much better now and I was able to keep up with many of the big dogs! Not to mention with the air pressure being lower it allowed me to really throw the car very aggressively without ever worrying that I was going to spin. It’s amazing what weight reduction can do!

-Walker Wilkerson

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