MadMike’s MADBUL RX-7 Gets Refreshed and Gets Backwards

Mad Mike Whiddett took to his Speedhunters/Need for Speed driver’s blog to show off the latest iteration of his RedBull/Team Need for Speed MADBUL Mazda RX-7. Mad Mike has been absent from the Formula Drift Series this season, but has been active his homeland of New Zealand.

Mad Mike recently took the MADBUL RX-7 under the knife and began the restoration process necessary after years of wall tapping. In the process, Mike goes on to explain how SEIBON Carbon was chosen to further strip down the widebody RX7 with Carbon Fiber doors, a hood and hatch.

We would like to formally welcome Mad Mike Whiddett to the SEIBON Carbon team of drivers. Head on over to Speedhunters to view the entire rebuild process by clicking here: or watch him reverse entry over at