Brass Monkey Racing GTRs return to World Challenge in 2011!

After an incomplete 2010 season, Brass Monkey Racing opted to focus on developing their GTRs for the 2011 Season. This decision has finally come to fruition as they have announced their return to World Challenge for this upcoming 2011 season.

Steve Ott, co-driver of the Brass Monkey Racing GTR had this to say about the upcoming season,

“I’m looking forward to getting back on the track,” Ott said. “It feels like forever since we last raced [Mosport in May 2010] and I’m excited to see how the changes help us stack up against the competition.”

Seibon Carbon was brought on board with the development of the Brass Monkey Racing GTRs through the use of lightweight Carbon components to truely make the GTRs more competitive vehicles than they already are.

With series standouts behind the wheel, there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that these Seibon-equipped Brass Monkey GTRs will be serious contenders in 2011. These GTRs will be racing 2 races at eight different venues in 2011, be sure to check them out on Versus as the first St. Petersberg race will be airing Saturday, April 9 at 4:30 pm EDT.

Best of luck to Steve Ott, Tony Rivera, and the entire Brass Monkey Racing crew!