Alexia Cortez Riding in the Seibon Lamborgini Gallardo

For the 2010 SEMA Show, we shocked show attendees by debuting an orange Lamborghini Gallardo as the center piece of our booth. The carbon fiber upgrades we offer for this vehicle give it the appearance of a Superleggera. After SEMA, we took it out just for Alexia and allowed her to give us her feedback on how she liked flying around Los Angeles in the Lamborghini.


The car I had been waiting to hit the back-roads with was Seibon’s sunburst-orange Lamborghini Gallardo. I’ve taken pics next to these cars in the past and never imagined I’d get to drive one anytime soon—and this time was no exception, lol. Of course I couldn’t drive the car myself—in fact, no one at Seibon wanted to touch the thing with a 10-foot pole due to liability. So, I had to settle for riding shotgun—which really wasn’t bad at all. This car is very low to the ground so my lower body got a little workout getting in and out of the beast. The driver didn’t disappoint as he easily gunned the Lambo from a stop to about 70 mph in mere seconds. I only wish we could’ve taken this thing on a freshly-repaved freeway (or the Autobahn)! It sounded sexy and handled well, but the ride was a little rough, as one could expect from such an exotic sportscar. I took a few pics on my cell phone of me with the Lambo and riding shotgun with my hair blowing in the wind and posted them on Facebook, if you want to check them out (