Alexia Cortez Reviews the Seibon Carbon Toyota Prius

Seibon’s Prius was the first Prius I ever drove, as well as the first test drive of the day. While it’s definitely no racecar, it was fun and easy to drive nonetheless, especially with Michael from Seibon in the passenger side cracking me up with his silly jokes and remarks. In fact, since the Prius is so quiet while it’s on, the other people on the crew were trying their hardest convince me that the car wasn’t on at all. Good thing I’m not so gullible! I smoothly took off down the road in the mime car with the photographer and his assistant driving next to me in the other lane.

Driving a soccer-mom car and trying to look sexy for photos definitely made me feel a little ridiculous, but I enjoyed being able to laugh at myself and Michael’s continued silliness. While the Prius is definitely not my dream car, I have to give this one cool points for its seductive Seibon carbon fiber hood and newly designed lip kit , as well as the smooth, quiet operation.


SEIBON Carbon Fiber OEM Hood
SEIBON Carbon GT-Style Front Lip
SEIBON Carbon GT-Style Side Skirts
SEIBON Carbon GT-Style Rear Lip
APEXI Hybrid Evolution Exhaust
RS-R Super Down Suspension
RAYS ENGINEERING Super Eco Wheels Front / Rear 17×7
FALKEN TIRES FK452 215/45/17
MOTHERS Detailing Products
S&A DESIGN Vinyl Graphics

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